Today is a big day for XYZ. Eight of our TLDs joined .xyz in achieving MIIT accreditation in China! You may remember .xyz’s accreditation in China in 2016, which allowed .xyz community members there to publish their sites live to the world. We’ve focused our efforts on continually pursuing accreditation for our whole family of TLDs as it expands, with the same perseverance that helped .xyz become one of the first new domains in the world to receive MIIT accreditation. We’re now proud to say that any owner of a .Rent, .College, .Monster, .Baby, .Security, .Protection, .Storage, or .Theatre domain in China can publish their site live to a global audience.

.XYZ continues to enjoy its position as one of the most popular domains in China. We’ve seen many beautifully designed websites launch on their .xyz domains; from startups, individuals, and organizations. You can get to know some of our favorite Chinese .xyz users yourself, as we have featured many of them on Read our blog to hear first hand from .xyz adopters and discover their impressive websites for yourself.

The diversity of innovation shown by .xyz adopters in China is truly remarkable. From inspiring companies and makers to unique apps and communities, .xyz community members in China exemplify the spirit shared by .xyz owners around the world. Some of our team’s favorite .xyz adopters in China include $20 million manufacturing giant, 3D camera and A.I. company, and, creators of China’s first autonomous delivery vehicle.

XYZ is committed to offering choice and innovation to internet users around the world. As the registry continues to expand its domain portfolio, customers can trust that XYZ will pursue MIIT accreditation for future domain extensions. We are looking forward to pursuing further accreditation for the 10 new domains we welcomed to the XYZ family of TLDs in 2020: .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, .Quest, .Homes, .Motorcycles, .Yachts, .Boats, and .Autos.

We can’t wait to see what our XYZ TLD adopters in China have in store for their websites! Get inspiration for your site from .xyz users in China and around the world at, or register the XYZ domain that’s perfect for you from anywhere in the world!

Frontier.xyzNamecheap customer (Singapore)

Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) are two of the hottest buzzwords in tech. Countless new services are entering these spaces every day, making them a hub for innovation and progressive ideas. But, even some hardcore techies might tell you they’re not 100% sure how blockchains work, let alone what a DeFi aggregator service does. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday uses their website’s straightforward User Interface (UI) to clear the confusion and show the benefits of their service: is a DeFi aggregation layer. Their service works by connecting or “layering onto” other DeFi services. In practice, says their service aggregates key cryptocurrency management actions like lending, borrowing, and asset swapping. One main feature that sets’s tool apart from competitors is that it’s “chain-agnostic.” In other words, it is able to work with many different cryptocurrency exchanges. Their short homepage description explains this information to visitors in detail under the heading “What is Frontier?” They use the first two paragraphs to give an in-depth description of their service, but conclude with a much simpler mission statement so all website visitors can understand what they do.

“In short, Frontier?s core mission is to bring the essential pieces of DeFi to users across whichever platforms they prefer.” – homepage

But that’s just the start of where they take their complex service and break it down into digestible information.

Illustrate problems and show solutions

For those not familiar with DeFi services,’s single page website layout features multiple sections that aim to answer all their questions. To illustrate the benefits of their tool, outlines problems facing DeFi and crypto vs. how their service provides a solution.

Each problem is detailed so readers can understand the pain point, even if they do not fully grasp the tech behind what’s causing it. Then, they explain how each solution uniquely provides a fix, backed up with evidence and examples.

As an example, say their tool solves the fragmented nature of crypto management by aggregating management services. This pitches the service to potential users by selling them on a one-stop solution for asset management. They showed the pain point first, then clearly explained how their service directly solves the problem. Using a problem and solution setup on your website helps you explain what’s great about your product or service while also giving potential customers reasons to buy.

Keep copy readable and use images to reinforce your point

When talking about any topic, you want your website copy to be short, simple, and readable.
This can prevent your visitors from getting lost in the weeds trying to learn what you do. It’s also a basic best practice for increasing your website’s SEO, as search engines use readability of content as a factor for ranking pages.’s website uses short, simple sentences that are on an accessible reading level. This helps them boil down their complex services and industry terms into understandable language.
It also helps keep those who might not know much about crypto and DeFi reading by explaining their tool in an engaging way.

They use images to show what the product looks like when in use, as well. This takes their service from an abstract concept to a visible platform that visitors can picture themselves using. It’s also an opportunity for to highlight their clean UI, which is a one of the key selling points of their service.

Share company history to detail your solution’s growth shows what sets them apart as a company and a tool by sharing their history through major milestones. This follows their journey from foundational brainstorming up through the building phase and to their current activity launching their own coins.

Each milestone is explained with the same short, readable copy and builds on the milestone before it to show the company’s journey toward disrupting their industry and solving big problems for DeFi. This also helps site visitors connect with on a more human level by seeing them as a growing business and not just a DeFi aggregator tool.

Bringing it all together

No matter what your company does, you can use your website’s UI to communicate it to users in a way they will understand. Keep your copy short and easy to read while using images to illustrate. Outline the problems your service or product solves to convey value without losing readers in the minute details. Give visitors an insight into your company journey to show the humans behind the work and create more relatability.

If you’re curious to learn more about’s service, you can do so via their website or by following them on Twitter and Telegram at their very memorably branded @frontierdotxyz handle.

Our mission at XYZ has always been to help you, the next generation of internet users, get online with memorable domain extensions to brand your online presence. We’re very excited to announce another huge step in fulfilling that mission.

Today, we are changing the face of the beauty industry online forever. We’re launching attractive domain names that just make sense – the ultimate opportunity for individuals and brands to share their passion with the world.

The five newest members of the XYZ family of TLDs are now available for anyone to register: say hello to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, and .Quest! Today – the first day open to the public with standard, affordable pricing – is the day of max availability for these beautiful domains. Don’t wait to get yours!

These new generic extensions are completely unrestricted, like all XYZ TLDs. That means no matter who you are, what you do, or how you want to make your impression online, you can start today with the perfect .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, or .Quest domain. Choose a registrar below or see our full list to find your preferred retailer. Ditch the status quo, and show how extraordinary you are.

Get the look with .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup Domains

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Be the destination? with .Quest

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The world of online beauty has never had a branding opportunity like this. You deserve valuable domain names at affordable pricing! This once in a lifetime moment delivers a worthy online home to the explosive innovators of the beauty community. .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup are the new domains here to serve all members and fans of the beauty industry around the world.
.Beauty domains
How .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup make a brand’s online presence flawless:

  • Major and emerging beauty brands can make it easy for their audience to find them online with memorable, keyword-rich domain names
  • Makeup artists, hair stylists, and skincare facialists can attract new customers online with domains that show they have the solution to their audience’s beauty needs
  • Beauty influencers and fans can share their cult-favorite products, makeup tutorials, and hair care tips and tricks on branded URLs deserving of their link in bio

Word is already spreading that these extensions are the future of online naming for the beauty industry. Want proof? See if you recognize some of the early adopters of these domains below.

  • www.Beyonce.Beauty
  • www.TaylorSwift.Hair
  • www.ASOS.Skin
  • www.Chanel.Makeup

Beauty businesses, professionals, and communities finally have domain extensions made for them. Don’t wait to get the look – register your own .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup domain today!
.Quest domain names

Gurus, experts, and authorities in any field now have the perfect domain to show their website has the answer to their audience’s search with .Quest. Guide your audience to the solution they seek on your website by showing them you are the destination at the end of their quest.

Ways to create an expert online presence with .Quest domains:

  • Announce yourself as the leading resource for answers, advice, and solutions for your audience’s search
  • Guide your audience through advice, expertise, and your wealth of experience on a domain that shows you know the way
  • Support the personal quests of like-minded individuals who share in your journey
  • Brand on a name that shows your audience you are always pursuing excellence

Modern gurus are already on board as .Quest begins its journey, with Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launching Justin.Quest as the dedicated home for his podcast The Quest. Today marks the first time that all thought leaders are able join him with their own unforgettable .Quest domains.

Ready to ditch the status quo?

Members of the beauty industry and experts everywhere now have the perfect domain extensions to create memorable websites and connect directly with their target audiences.

Announce your online presence and join the next generation of online naming.

Get the look with .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup Domains

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Be the destination? with .Quest

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MightyType.xyzSquarespace customer (United States)

Your website is a place of unlimited freedom to create, share what you do, and promote the things you’ve made. It’s the place you have full control to show the world what you’re most proud of. You may want to highlight past work, share current projects, or promote your personal business. One of the best parts about your website is that you can use it to share all this and more. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a multi-talented individual who serves as a stellar example of how to do just that: is the online home of skilled creative Tanner Vargas. An architecture student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Tanner researches social infrastructure and inclusive space. He uses his website to share articles he’s written on these topics along with other pieces on creative mediums like music, movies, and short stories. This content is how Tanner began expressing his creativity online, calling it The Type. He’s since expanded to include his photography work and a dedicated page for his independent store, Mighty Merch. This marked his website’s evolution into

More than a blog

Tanner shares his written work in the Typed section of his website. His pieces often focus on the topics he’s most passionate about. He writes about architecture, exploring ideas for future city designs and discussing how architecture impacts people. His article on inclusive infrastructures in cities, for example, seeks to address the problems of division against minorities. He writes about music, giving his captivating criticism of new albums, songs, movies, and trends. These come in the form of compilation lists like best songs of the year, as well as individual album reviews. He writes about films his audience may want to check out and gives an analysis on why they are worth watching or skipping, as well.

Going beyond standard blog updates, Tanner displays his own creative writing prowess by completing a short story series he dubbed “short story Sundays.” His horror-themed narrative explores different emotions, from fear to overcoming internal battles. This series shows Tanner’s impressive writing ability while also allowing his audience to join in his love of creating.

On his dedicated architecture page, Tanner introduces readers to his professional passion and explains why he chose it for his studies. He links to papers he’s written and shares photos of designs he’s created in the program. All this content is enough to make for a robust personal portfolio website, but it’s only half of how Tanner uses

A side hustle born from creative passion

Tanner also uses as an online store to sell what he’s dubbed “Mighty Merch.” The Mighty Shop features prints and stickers of Tanner’s original artwork as well as clothing designs he created with his partner Daniell. Shoppers can buy photo prints inspired by architecture or Tanner’s own artistic interests. Some print designs prominently feature the URL to help spread the word about his website.

The shop also launched an original line of screen printed shirts and sweaters featuring The Mighty Type artwork in a similar style to their stickers and prints. In addition to original designs, the store features upcycled vintage shirts or sweaters refinished with an acid wash look. Some have custom embroidery done by Daniell to add a unique touch.

Many clothing items in the shop are one of one, making them especially unique for the buyer. Tanner uses an e-commerce store he set up through Squarespace (where you can get a free .xyz domain) to process orders, which also allows him to see data on what products are most popular. Buyers can check out right on his website, then switch over to reading his content and enjoying his creative work.

Putting it all together

Your personal website can be anything you want it to be. Tanner uses the freedom his personal website provides to blend his creative work with his passions. He also uses it as a platform to launch his own independent business through his shop. Take inspiration from Tanner to harness the power of your personal website to share your passions, start a side hustle, or create anything you want to put out to the world. Connect with Tanner on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or get alerts on shop sales by joining the Mighty Mail newsletter.

MarquesColston.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

.XYZ has proven to be a conduit for next-generation leaders to establish a memorable online presence. For example, look no further than autonomous delivery project, Massachusetts Institute of Technology startup accelerator, and viral creative collective .XYZ’s reputation as a domain for innovators has inspired notable figures to join the movement and brand on .xyz domains themselves. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’ll meet one such leader. This Ex-NFL player is sprinting into the next chapter of his career, branded on his own domain:

Marques Colston is a former National Football League (NFL) wide receiver and Super Bowl champion, best known for his 10-year career on the New Orleans Saints. During this time, Marques also developed a second career off the field in business development. He began by serving as President and General Manager of professional indoor football team the Harrisburg Stampede and purchased a share in Arena Football League team the Philadelphia Soul. Since retiring from the NFL, Marques has grown his business leadership profile through roles for the NFL Players Association, his alma mater Hofstra University, and Virtua Health. He’s also become a partner in New Orleans-based juice bar franchise Main Squeeze, consulting firm Dynasty Innovation, and an adjunct professor at the University of New Orleans. Marques shares his wealth of experience from these roles through his own consulting service, MC Consulting. His website,, is the official page to book him for management training, performance coaching, and corporate development consulting.

Marques’ coaching aims to help businesses shift their thinking and develop strategies for sustainable success. He does this through a method he has developed called “creating separation.” The system gets its clever name from Marques’ football experience. As a wide receiver, Marques needed to create separation from his defenders to catch the ball and score. Now, he uses this analogy to help companies and professionals create separation from competitors. Marques teaches the mindset needed to “create separation” through 3 steps: irrational confidence, creativity and possibility, and dynamic decision making. He credits this mindset for his ability to overcome obstacles in his career and sustain success in football and business.

On his website homepage, Marques breaks his philosophy down further by giving an overview of each step. First, the “art of irrational confidence” helps individuals perform at seemingly unattainable levels. After unlocking this mindset, creativity and possibility help them generate value. Finally, through dynamic decision-making, they can sustain this value and reach long-term success.

Marques teaches this system through bespoke training and speaking engagements. He breaks down potential topics for clients based on their needs. In leadership development training, Marques helps organizations give new leaders the tools for dynamic decision-making. For professional development training, he teaches team strategies aiming to transfer skill sets and unleash creativity. Lastly, he helps athletes transition to professional life by teaching them to manage their personal brand. Each training leverages his business leadership skills and past experience as a professional athlete.

It’s easy to book Marques for a training session right on his website. He includes options to request information under each specific area he’s available to speak on. He offers frequently requested speaking topics on his website to make booking the right talk easier for clients, as well. Marques has already done speaking engagements for many high-profile organizations, including the NCAA, NFLPA, the University of New Orleans, the New Orleans Saints, and the Entrepreneurs’ Association. Many have praised his training, shown by testimonials featured on his website from the University of New Orleans, the Virtual Center for Innovation, and D1 sports who each spoke on the value of his talks.

Showing his branding knowledge, Marques places his memorable website URL at the center of his online promotion. He shares it in all his social media bios and includes it in the banner graphics on each page, as well. This strategy fully utilizes the memorability of his domain name. Potential clients will see this URL and have it stick in their minds thanks to Marques’ being able to use his own name and brand on a memorable extension – .xyz. Making his website the center of his promotional activities means he is not limited by any third-party platform constraints. This gives him complete control over how he presents the benefits of his training.

Innovators like Marques who share their expertise and pass their success strategies on to others are a stellar example of the .xyz community. Marques is a great example of the forward-thinking .xyz philosophy, and his domain perfectly brands his services to reach the next generation of business leaders. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram or reach out to bring his expertise to your organization at