A personal website is your place online to share all the things you’re most proud of or passionate about. It’s your own piece of the internet, introducing your work, achievements, experiences, and anything else you want to share to a global audience. But, the portfolio-like nature of a personal website doesn’t require you to follow a cookie-cutter design to fit the status quo. Your website can show your own individuality so that you make a memorable impression on your visitors. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll meet three .xyz adopters whose personal websites are a great inspiration for how to let your personality shine through on your own personal website.

1. Write your website content using your unique voice

If someone asked you to think of one of your favorite public figures, chances are you would likely be able to picture their voice or way of speaking. It may be a famous author known for their poignant prose or a comedian treasured for hilarious one-liners. Either way, the language they use and how they use it helps them stand out as unique.

Your personal voice and way of speaking is an important part of your personal brand. That’s why using it to write the content on your website is a strong way to let your personality show through. For some inspiration on how to nail using your personal voice to write engaging website content, check out

JamieLoftus.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United States)

Jamie Loftus is a Los Angeles-based comedian, writer, and animator. Her talents have earned her features in Vulture, The Boston Globe, and Forbes. She’s written for The New Yorker, Paste Magazine, Vice, and popular animated sketch show Robot Chicken. Jamie’s sharp, satirical wit is one of her greatest strengths. She uses this strength to write unique content on her website.

Starting from her home page biography, Jamie writes using various quips while sharing her skills and experience. This helps show visitors other talents while also introducing them to her style of comedy. Jamie uses dedicated pages to promote her podcast, past sketches, cartoons she’s animated, and her stand up comedy. Each of these pages includes a short description of her work, written in her own signature comedic style. Website visitors may even feel like they’re being treated to a mini comedy show just by navigating around Jamie’s website.

Try writing your website copy in your own unique voice to introduce your personality to visitors. This helps make your website’s content more impactful.

2. Show your passion through text and animations

The look and feel of your website play an important role in the overall personality it displays. Using text, animations, and color schemes related to your passions is a great way to showcase what’s important to you. It makes those passions clear to visitors and can deepen their understanding of your work. Our next .xyz adopter,, is a strong example of this idea in practice.

LizzieSiegle.xyzNamecheap customer (United States)

Lizzie Siegle is a developer and evangelist, or as she says, “devangelist” at Twilio. The Bay Area native earned a Computer Science degree after completing a thesis in which she developed two applications using two different coding languages, Django and iOS. Each app used a different form of graphic showing facial expressions. Studies have shown those who have Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) have trouble recognizing emotional states in these expressions. Lizzie’s goal was to compare how well each app could teach emotions to those with ASC.

It is easy to tell from the very first visit to her personal website that her love for coding is no secret. Lizzie shows her passion for coding directly through her website design by displaying her writing as if it were lines of code. The headline text of her website, which serves as Lizzie’s introduction to visitors, is animated as if it was being typed. She also uses plenty of emojis which help add to the fun, tech-friendly feel.

Try tying the enthusiasm you have for your interests into the text, animations, and color scheme of your website design. It can help engage visitors’ senses, so they connect with what you’re sharing more deeply

3. Use images and animated graphics based on your personal interests

Your interests are intimately tied to your own personal brand. That’s why sharing them through the animated graphics and images on your website can be a great way to introduce yourself to potential collaborators, clients, or fans. To see a good example of this design strategy, check out the portfolio website

SplendifeRachie.xyzFreenom customer (United States) is the online portfolio of singer, student, and YouTuber Rachie. A superfan of anime and Japanese culture, Rachie made her name by sharing vocal covers of Japanese songs to her more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

To show how much her interest in the culture means to her, Rachie has centered her website theme around anime characters and illustrations. Both her homepage and About page feature large illustrations of her as an anime character. The primary visual content on her website consists of thumbnails for her videos, which are almost always of anime characters as well. These colorful illustrations help her website viewers enter the world of anime and Japanese culture, where Rachie’s passions lie.

Include your biggest passions into your website imagery to help your visitors engage with and share in them just as you do.

Showing personality in your personal website allows you to connect with your desired audience and share what you love about your work or interests with the world. Your personal website is where you can share your passions. Since it is your own place online, it’s only fitting that it sounds, looks, feels, and says exactly what you want in your own personal style. Follow the example of these three .xyz adopters and infuse your personality into your personal website.

Tribe.xyzNamecheap customer (Czech Republic)

The design of your website plays a critical role in winning customers for your business online. To maximize your success in driving leads, there are a few key elements your website should include. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a lead generation website that is a great example of how to use these elements effectively: . homepage is a recruiting consultancy offering candidate sourcing, screening, and hiring coordination. Their business relies on driving leads from companies looking for talent recruiting in Europe. To attract leads, they’ve added website design cornerstones like an explanation of their services and a pitch of what sets them apart. They also include strategic elements that guide website visitors toward reaching out to try their service.

Here are 5 elements includes on their website that you can follow to help improve lead generation from your business website.

1. Explain what you do in simple terms

A potential customer needs to know what your service is before they can decide if it’s right for them. Come up with a quick pitch that explains your product or service in easy-to-understand terms. This will help you cast the widest possible net and avoid turning away potential leads with difficult language. explains step by step how their service works, starting right beneath the main image of their homepage. This puts the most crucial information a potential customer will want to know front and center on their website. They use icons corresponding to each step in their process, as well. This is a smart way to reinforce value props using visuals.

Make it simple for potential leads to learn about what your business does by using visuals and step by step, simple language.

2. Include calls-to-action near descriptions of your business

The main goal of your website is to drive leads. It’s crucial that you have your content flow toward well-placed calls-to-action (or CTAs) that guide visitors to reach out to you. These CTAs act as signposts for visitors, showing them the way to learn more about you and try your product or service. includes one CTA under the main description on their homepage and another underneath the step by step explanation of their business. This strategic placement aims to have a visitor read about, understand the value they offer, and then show that visitor how to try‘s service.

Try giving potential leads an easy way to get in touch with you by strategically placing CTAs under content that pitches your services.

3. Design your site to be easy on the eye

A lack of structure on your website can drive visitors away before they even reach out to you. If you design your website with distracting colors or long blocks of text, you are asking the visitor to put in a lot of effort to understand what you do. Lead generation website designs that emphasize only valuable information and focus on guiding visitors to specific actions tend to perform the best. uses only four colors in the design of their website. They keep all text short and easy to read, as well. This helps them convey only the most important information quickly and effectively. It also saves their visitors time by reducing reading and avoiding navigating a confusing website layout.

Use this simple design technique on your website to avoid cluttering your message and to clearly communicate value to potential leads.

4. Use a clearly-labeled top navigation menu

Like the last tip, this one is about keeping the layout of your site simple for visitors. A clearly-labeled navigation menu is like a map your website visitors can carry with them as they interact with your website. It gives them an understanding of what information your site has to offer and helps instill trust through simplicity.

On‘s clearly labeled top navigation menu, the first tab acts as a CTA to “Hire Recruiter.” Their “Careers” tab signals to those seeking to work at The “Log in” tab shows existing users where to log into the service. This straightforward layout helps direct visitors to specific destinations on their website, and avoids distracting from their message.

Add a simple navigation menu with clear labels to your site to make sure potential leads know where to go, and don’t get lost in content.

5. Create a contact page

This may seem obvious, but it is also critical. Your potential leads need a way to get in touch with you, and a contact page gives a clear label of where to do that (along with your CTAs). Contact pages help increase user trust, and lend credibility by offering a direct line of communication for your visitors. Your contact page should include a phone number if applicable, and an email or contact form.

The link for ‘s contact page is in the footer at the bottom of their website. The page itself lists their physical address as well as an email to reach out to them. With this page, shows their company’s home base and provides a simple method to get in touch. This information helps potential users get a picture of ‘s company beyond their lead generation website.

Make sure to include a contact page on your website to increase consumer trust and avoid losing out on potential leads who cannot contact you.


The quality of your lead generation website’s design determines its effectiveness. The more clear, simple, and navigable it is – the better it will be at driving leads. Keep your lead generation site simple by using an uncluttered design. Clearly label pages via your menu so your visitors don’t get lost and leave your site. Create a contact page and use clear CTAs to earn site visitors’ trust and turn them into leads. is a great benchmark to follow for these tips, and also serves as an example of how .xyz adopters are leading their industries with aspirational website designs. Check them out at to get inspiration when building your lead generation site.

Katarina.xyzKey-Systems customer (Switzerland)

Your company values are the core of your business. They signal to customers what your company stands for, guide your decision making, and determine the goals you set. Because values are so essential to your business’ identity, sharing them on your website can help you stand out to the right audience. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a startup that serves as great inspiration for how to use your company values to stand out in your industry: is a healthcare platform designed to help make the care process easier for both patients and health professionals. They share this mission as an elevator pitch via the main text on their homepage: “Katarina simplifies the life of everyone.” The company then backs up this claim by breaking down the features of their platform. For professionals, this includes patient scheduling, appointment follow-ups, and personalized treatments. On the patient side, they list services like medical history and medication tracking, exam results, and appointment booking. All this, says, helps their platform provide patient-centric, humanized healthcare.

The company’s values drive their focus on people at the center of healthcare. Shared on the company’s About us page, say their core values are diversity, sustainability, and engagement.

“The diversity of our employees is seen as one of our most celebrated gifts,” explains. “Our diversity is not only evident at the heart of our business, but also through the scope of areas and the broad spectrum of services that we offer our clients around the globe.” practices sustainability by following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, “to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages,” is particularly important to them. wants this UN goal to guide the work of their entire team. Their team’s commitment to following this mantra shows‘s value of engagement in practice. COO, Sheraz Ahmed, echoes this commitment in a video featured on the company’s About page, as well. He details‘s dedication to providing the health infrastructure necessary to meet the UN goals with a focus on fighting global health threats.

Sharing these values and how the company upholds them helps show why their service is unique. They list each value, give insight to how it ties to their human-centric mission, and detail the ways it benefits their company in practice. shows an example of living out these values through their response to a health emergency in Afghanistan. Due to a lack of healthcare infrastructure, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the country especially hard. answered the call to provide humanitarian aid, sending one of their medical experts, Dr. Klaus Schustereder, and a team to help offer support. They documented the entire trip on their website and offered the option to stay up to date on relief efforts by signing up for alerts. Dr. Schustereder shared videos detailing the health challenges the country faces and how implementing’s medical monitoring system helps address them. Thanks to this work, says all 2 million citizens in the region now have access to improved care.

Company values are more than guidelines that determine the direction your business will travel. They display the strengths and convictions that drive your work. As shows, sharing these values can help your company stand out, attract support, and grow. Follow’s future development projects on their website, on Facebook and Linkedin @Katarinaxyz, or on Instagram

AleydaRocha.xyzGoDaddy customer (Austria)

Your own personal website gives you an ideal platform to share your accomplishments and interests with the world. If you have a lot of information you want to share, it can be challenging to publish it all in an interesting and engaging way. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, offers a great example of how to do just that. She uses eye-catching video on her website to make her work as a researcher and artist as enthralling to her visitors as it is to her.

Aleyda Rocha is a researcher and artist, based in Vienna by way of Mexico. Aleyda completes most of her work in her role as a Scientific Researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Her research examines practices of extractivism and colonialism. More specifically, she’s focused on sustainability and fighting for social justice. Aleyda completes this work in her role as founder of the Dismantle Extractivism Network, which aims to visualize and fight extractive environmental practices. She’s also a founding member of Revoltosas Mexico, a non-profit organization dedicated to pushing forward gender equality in Mexico. Because Aleyda’s work deals with large social issues and complex global crises, it can be difficult to grasp and jump into right away. To make it engaging to non-researchers, Aleyda uses her artistic abilities to create unique videos for the projects she features on her website.

The dedicated page for Aleyda’s Dismantle Extractivism Network is a perfect example of her design strategy. She uses a visual intended to help the viewer understand her work on different levels. The warping image, though not fully clear, appears to be of a tree or other common symbol of nature. By having the image become distorted, Aleyda aims to create visions of extractivism in the viewer’s mind. Using this video, Aleyda creatively conveys the impact of the organization’s work by visualizing it in an emotionally resonant way. Aleyda uses the project page itself to explain the organization’s goals and research in more detail.

For her academic research project “Narratives of the desert,” Aleyda features a video of a cactus set against a bright blue desert sky. The cactus moves in and out of focus, almost as if it were a desert mirage. With this imagery, Aleyda gives the viewer the feeling that they are in the desert themselves. The video is strange yet inviting at the same time, enticing her visitors to click and read more about the project. The goal of the project is to highlight biocultural diversity, so it’s fitting Aleyda chose an image of a cactus that takes on many forms across the desert.

Aleyda has made some videos on her site interactive by allowing her website visitors to move their mouse over an image for an effect. One example of this is Aleyda’s page for her global program teaching inclusion, called the Peace Machines Workshop Series. She made an interactive video showing a fractal design of students from the workshop completing their projects. The design catches viewers’ eyes and also evokes a feeling that students are working to heal the fractures. To create more connection to the page, Aleyda made the image so that scrolling a mouse over it shifts the fractals’ movement toward the mouse. This is a great way to keep her website visitors engaged and even to entice them to click on the image to learn more about the program.

Aleyda uses a similar interactive video as the visual for her data exploration project “You Are The Dream Of Poles Awoken.” At first look, the video shows a tall, majestic mountain that is slightly obscured by horizontal lines. The lines cut through the mountain and make the image of the mountain move slowly up and down, towards its poles. Scrolling your mouse over the video lets you push the lines toward the top or the bottom of the image. This is a clever way Aleyda draws attention to poles on opposite sides of the image. It also sets up the project itself, which focuses on one pole in a small, snowy village in Norway and another pole in the Atacama Desert.

Making your website’s visuals engaging and interactive helps bring your work and your website to life. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then Aleyda has made her site an example of how to speak millions of words and evoke emotion without using much text at all. Her website’s visuals inspire visitors to interact with them, and helps improve the likelihood they will click and read more about her work. If your visitors can feel they are a part of what you do, there is a better chance they will take it in and remember it. Follow Aleyda’s lead and try exploring videos and visuals to showcase projects on your website. Get more from Aleyda herself by signing up for her newsletter, following her on Instagram, or jumping into her portfolio on

In this XYZ Quarterly we’ll cover seven important features to add to your app’s promotional website and recap XYZ’s Q4 2020 activity.

Read on for Part 1: “How to build the ultimate website for promoting your app or project” or jump down to Part 2: “XYZ’s Q4 2020 Recap.”

Ultimate app website

Making a strong promotional website for your app or project is critical to its success. Showcasing your app on your website, a platform that you control, can help you reach potential users worldwide. A website enables you to promote and present your app independently, giving you creative reign over your marketing and your audiences. Launch your website on a short and memorable domain, and it becomes easy to share through social media, email, and word of mouth.

We’ll show you 7 essential features to consider in order to get the most out of your app’s promotional website. In this edition of the XYZ Quarterly, we’ll explore seven app websites that offer stellar examples of these features that you can use to market your own app or project.

1. Give an elevator pitch of your app or project

A key step to marketing your app is to succinctly tell users exactly what it does. This important information should be quick to read and front and center on your website. Make it easy to understand the purpose of your app by using short sentences designed with high visibility. This strategy helps visitors decide immediately what they want to do next. By providing simple information from the start, you can lead website visitors down the path to the next steps you want them to take. To see how this tip works in practice, look to is an app where users can lend everyday items to others or find and borrow an item they need. Their homepage features a two-sentence elevator pitch of the benefits to users, along with a quick description of what the app does. includes a prominent button with a call to action (CTA) to download the app, located immediately under this description. Their strategy is to tell users what their app does via the elevator pitch, then make it easy to get to the app with a simple click. In less than 30 seconds, gives future users what they need to know to get started.

Try this strategy on your homepage to quickly relay information that new users need about your app, and encourage app downloads.

2. Include a clear call to action for downloading your app

Crafting a promotional website for your app can help generate downloads and add new users. It’s essential that you make download links clear and highlight them so that they are one of the most important elements on the page. A call to action (or CTA) is an element of your website that tells your audience what to do. Websites most often will utilize a highly visible button with action text, that makes it easy for the user to see and click right off the bat. An example of a solid CTA layout can be found on’s website. is an app that uses decentralized technology to create a system where users can collect badges to confirm their participation in activities at events.’s homepage is colorful and simple, and right in the center of the screen they feature a small group of calls to action. uses the brands of Apple App Store and Google Play in their CTA buttons to show users where the app is available. A third button calls out “Questions?” which leads users directly into messaging with their team.

Try placing prominent marketplace-specific buttons on your website to immediately signal where potential users can get your app and help increase download conversions.

3. Show the devices your app works on

A significant number of apps today are compatible with more than one device. New users will want to know which of their devices work with your app before they try it. Showing them what your app is compatible with gives them a visual of your app at work, making it real in their mind. This also answers one of the first questions users will have – how to use your app. A company that answers this question in an engaging manner is is an app designed to help users e-sign documents on their mobile devices.‘s website homepage shows right away that their app works on both mobile phones and tablets by featuring images of the app in use on these devices. This visual cue gives users a clear understanding of how the app works and where, before they even read a word on the website.

Try this method to give your website viewers a strong visual that will stick in their minds, make it real, and show where your app can be used.

4. Use images to illustrate key features of your app

Your elevator pitch and images of compatible devices help viewers create a solid understanding of your app. To showcase the full range of benefits of your app, you can present a magnified version of each feature on your website. Use short, easy-to-read sentences that explain important individual features and their benefits. Share close-up images of these features next to the descriptions so users will know how to use your app as soon as they open it. A great example of this strategy is‘s website. is a bot made to integrate into the messaging platform Discord, and gives users more control over their community. allows users to add custom commands and roles for members, or gain ranking based on activity related to the community. These services can be difficult to picture, so features screenshots of each one as they would look in use on a Discord server. These visuals help explain, showing potential users how the features work, and also make it easy to visualize the benefits.

Help users grasp the benefits and get them thinking about the ways your app can solve their problems by illustrating your app’s features.

5. Share testimonials from users to add social proof

There are an overwhelming amount of apps available today. Generating trust in your app is important if you want folks to try it out. One of the strongest ways to earn that trust is by showing your app has “social proof” of its legitimacy and benefits. While app platforms already provide reviews, you can use your website to highlight the best reviews from your users, and also feature testimonials posted on other mediums. These could be social media posts, quotes, or even videos of users talking about why they like your app. can help provide some inspiration for trying this tip. is a browser application that enhances a key feature of Github, a popular platform amongst the developer community for code collaboration and version control.’s website proves the app’s popularity and legitimacy by listing testimonials from well-known members of their target audience in a section on their website titled “What people are saying…” This adds social proof and shows the app is popular with makers and developers, which are’s ideal user base.

Try this tip on your website to increase trust with new users and help increase downloads of your app from your target audience.

6. Demonstrate potential use cases for your app

The tips so far have focused on how you can use your app’s website to tell your audience what your app is and show off its features and benefits. This next tip will show you a great way to set your users up for success by breaking down scenarios that users can relate to. Users will be able to anticipate the benefits of your app before they’ve even downloaded it.

Sharing potential uses and scenarios can be especially helpful if your app solves complex problems. A model to look toward following on this tip is is a blockchain-based, email-like messaging service designed to allow users to send and receive messages between addresses and accounts. Blockchain technology is highly popular and growing fast, but many people are just becoming aware of its benefits and uses. shows how businesses, communities, and cryptocurrency owners alike could use this messaging service in the “Use Cases” section of their website. They list three different examples for each scenario, showing how users in various roles could use the service. This helps users try with a clear goal in mind as they start.

Pitching your app can be more effective when you show potential users clear ways to get started. Try this tip to make a great first impression and guide your users to a successful first experience with your app.

7. Provide a video or demo to give users a trial experience

New users often want to see your app in action before they try it themselves. Seeing how it works helps them feel more comfortable by trying before buying (or downloading.) Get inspiration for your website by seeing an example of how this is done, and also preview a useful tool that will help you do it yourself on is a recording service that helps users make demo videos of their app in use. knows the value of adding app demo videos to your website, because their app is a tool that creates demo videos! On their own website homepage, they feature a gif of the tool in use, showing the user interface of the app. They include a secondary call to action right next to their “Get it now” button, and an option to watch a demo. Clicking on the “Watch demo” button pops up a video that shows how a user can use their app to record their own app demo. This video helps potential users get a quick idea of the quality and ease of use of’s tool.

Try giving your audience a look at your app in action so they can know what to expect from the user experience. They’ll be able to see the benefits your app offers firsthand, and go into using it with more trust.


When it comes to making the ultimate website to promote your app, focus on making information easy to find and process. Give your visitors a quick pitch of your app, use clear download CTAs, and give social proof that others like your app to help turn website visitors into app users. Visualize the features and benefits of your app, offer videos or demos, and share the devices it works on to start users off on the right foot. Provide potential use cases to help your site visitors get a clear picture of how they will use your app, as well.
Following the example of the seven .xyz websites above can help you make your app’s promotional website as effective as possible for generating users.

XYZ’s Q4 Quarterly Recap

2020 has finally drawn to a close. For XYZ, Q4 was filled with just as much activity, innovation, and excitement as always. Here’s how the XYZ team, our partners, and allied organizations helped make the most of the end of 2020.

Say hello to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup

On December 1, XYZ introduced the first-ever domain names made for the beauty industry: .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup. The naming opportunities of these new domain endings give brands, professionals, influencers, and communities of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry an exciting new way to build a flawless, industry-specific online presence.

.Beauty domains

.Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup allow beauty brands, professionals, and influencers to get affordable, memorable URLs that match their brand name, first and last name, social handle, or creative idea. The domains will carry an expected MSRP of $15-$20 and are going through an early access period for trademark holders called the Sunrise period now until February 5, 2021. An unrestricted early access period will be held for anyone willing to pay an extra fee to get their domains before everyone else from February 10 until March 2. On March 2, 2021, the domains will become available to beauty pros, brands, influencers, fans, and everyone else worldwide.

.Quest arrives to help internet users be the destination

.Quest domain names

December 1st also saw the arrival of .Quest, the domain made for gurus, experts, and authorities in any field. .Quest is the perfect domain for internet users to prove their website as the destination their audience is seeking.

.Quest follows the same launch phases as .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin and .Makeup, with a Trademark Holder Landrush period taking place now until February 5th. The domain will embark on its journey to serve online authorities everywhere on March 2, 2021.

XYZ provides domains and education for coders at seven hackathons in India and the U.S.

The virtual hackathon scene is continuing to flourish, and XYZ helped support attendees at seven hackathon events in both India and the U.S. in Q4 of 2020.

Thanks to XYZ’s ongoing relationships with Script India Foundation and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in India, XYZ supported five events in the region in Q4. Participants at IEEE Elysium, Let’s Hack, Hack the Bond, and Hack with CodeWarriors received .xyz domains to help them get their ideas and projects online. The hackathons focused on coming up with solutions to big problems like climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. XYZ is proud to help participants share their ideas and solutions with a global audience via their new .xyz domains.

Script India Hackathon

XYZ was also a returning sponsor of US-based events Cutie Hack and Hack RPI in Q4. Participants were happy to see XYZ return and welcomed another year of access to .xyz domains for their projects, portfolios, and ideas. They also appreciated XYZ’s guidance on how to set up their perfect .xyz website.

.College helps the higher education community adapt to 2020

Higher education institutions have had a challenging year. To help them adapt to online learning, many XYZ partners shared how .College domains provide a platform for these schools to keep students and teachers connected. In addition to offering a sale on .College domains, GoDaddy, Dynadot, Rebel, and Porkbun each shared blog posts on how .College domains can take higher education organizations to the top of their class online.

Porkbun, Pananames, Rebel, and Domain Cost Club also shared a short video helping educators visualize the benefits .College could have for their institution. We’re proud to have our partners’ support in spreading the word about .College during this critical time for learning institutions online.

Pananames and cdmon offer otherworldly deals on .Monster to celebrate Halloween

Creatives, out-of-the-box thinkers, and those seeking a unique domain for their website got a spooky surprise this Halloween thanks to cdmon and Pananames. Both partners served up spooky good deals on .Monster domains, with sales of up to 92% off standard price.

The sale was the perfect opportunity for ghouls and ghosts everywhere to grab deals on domain names that are sure to help their websites make a beastly impression.

XYZ Anti-Abuse Team adds 5 new partners and wraps Q4 with a lower average badness score than legacy TLDs

The XYZ Anti-Abuse Team is at the forefront of safeguarding the namespaces of all XYZ extensions. In Q4 2020, they welcomed five new partners to join in their efforts to keep these zones safe and reputable. Thanks to the Anti-Abuse Team and our partnerships in the cybersecurity industry, .xyz concluded Q4 with a lower average badness score than other legacy TLDs during the quarter, according to Spamhaus.1

Adopters of XYZ’s family of domains can count on the XYZ Anti-Abuse Team and its partners to aggressively halt abusive use of any XYZ domains in accordance with XYZ’s Anti-Abuse policy. To report abuse of a .xyz domain, submit evidence at

Holiday sales bring a sweetly-priced end to 2020

Online shopping was the go-to gift buying method this holiday season. XYZ helped online shoppers get the world’s favorite new domain, .xyz, for as low as $0.50 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. XYZ’s partners Alibaba, Tencent, WestCN and Xinnet rang in the start of 2021 with holiday sales on .xyz domains. Their customers can start the new year with a memorable .xyz name and set themselves up for a productive year all for customer-friendly prices under $1.

2021 is finally here, and XYZ has big plans for the upcoming year ahead. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.